London Based Designer Zoe Boomer: Talks SS12 and her FREEDOM Campaign

Once tipped as “Ireland’s next Stella McCartney”, the now London based fashion designer Zoe Boomer is recognized for her love of simplicity. Her effortless, chic and feminine style has caught the eye of fashion editors from across the board with mentions of recognition in leading publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Grazia and Elle to name a few.

We caught up with Zoe to discuss her current SS12 collection and of course her FREEDOM campaign against Human Trafficking.

CC: It’s great to see you again Zoe, congratulations on creating yet another stunning spring/summer collection. We’d love to know the main influence behind this years designs?

I wanted to create something bright and fresh that would make people smile, we seemed to have such a long British winter. When selecting the colour ways and fabric for summer I came across a hot pink silk, (which is now in the collection). It brought the collection to life. Working with print designer, Alethea Dacre, we designed the perfect print, which for me, sums up the summer.

CC: You really do tailor material to create classic, timeless pieces. We love the bold colour for summer and the fluid movement of the collection. Who would you say are your personal style influences?

Oh, I always think this is a tough one to answer. My influences stem from everywhere. There are so many creative stylists, bloggers etc. In terms of public figures, I really love the style of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I’m not someone who likes things to look perfect, i’m more about mix-match which they do amazingly. As for other labels, I really love Lanvin’s draping and Stella McCartney’s simplicity in designs.

4039_CC: We also know that you are a label in support of The A21 Campaign (a charity working against human trafficking) – how did this come about?

The Freedom campaign was birthed from hearing a presentation about Human Trafficking produced and delivered by The A21 Campaign. It broke my heart. I was so Angry and shocked that MILLIONS of girls all around the world, including in Britain, were being kidnapped raped, abused and sold into sex slavery. I guess our culture can be compassionate, but then at the same time we can so easily separate our selves from a cause when it doesn’t apply to us. We can easily distract ourselves from the fact that this is happening right this minute, to girls like us. Zoe Boomer is a label that is known for its morals, we are anti human trafficking.

CC: Human Trafficking is indeed a taboo subject, it is fantastic that more and more people are beginning to speak out against this injustice which impacts so many women and children, being abused daily. The campaign seems to have drawn the attention of a few celebrity names, including JLS, The Saturdays and Miss Dynamite. 

We launched the FREEDOM Campaign at a fashion show with the IOM called ‘Fashioned For FREEDOM’ which makes a stand against these issues. £5 from every Silk Freedom vest goes to A21 who rescues girls who have been human trafficking, cares for them and helps them get their Freedom back.

CC: Thank you Zoe. If you would like to know more about The A21 Campaign and how you can help click here.
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