Pierre Herme Launch Les Jardins Macaron Collection

A collection of ephemeral macarons were launched at the beginning of this year on the theme of gardens, as imagined by internationally renowned pastry chef, Pierre Hermé.

Available to purchase at the Belgravia boutique, the collection of macarons, entitled Les Jardins, were created with the association of flavours in the same manner as that of a perfumer.

“The garden theme seemed obvious,” comments Pierre Hermé, “as flowers, spices and plants are present in my creations.”

Each month, Pierre Hermé has released something new and delectable to tickle and delight our taste buds. With the month of July came the Macaron Jardin d’Eden (Garden of Eden). The crisp opaline shell of this macaron, described as ‘a garden of many marvels’ contains a cream flavoured with vanilla from the international provenances of Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar. Flavoured with Grand Vert basil, the aromatic herb combined with the vanilla, this macaron promises ‘a taste of heaven’ on the palate.

For the month of August, Pierre Hermé are set to delight us with a combination of lemon and caramelised fennel as they launch Le Macaron Jardin D’été (Summer Garden). The tartness of the cream meets the light aniseed flavour of the crisp fennel, creating a real refreshing taste of summer – perfect for those rare yet quiet afternoons spent relaxing in the sun.

The garden themed collection will continue throughout the year and for those of you already looking towards the new season, Pierre Hermé has plenty of delicious seasonal goodness up his sleeve.
If your mouth is not watering yet – when September comes, it will bring with it the Macaron Jardin Sauvage (Wild Garden) – a real treat for chocolate lovers.  Inspired by the tart, almost “lemony” aroma of Ampamakia chocolate, the cacaos come from the Millot Plantation in Madagascar and are sourced and transformed by Valrhona. With an added subtle hint of lime, Pierre has created the ultimate chocolate and lime flavoured macaron for autumn.
To sample these delights, head to the Belgravia boutique located at 13 Lowndes Street, London where you will find a wide selection of other yummy confectionary. I promise you will not be disappointed.
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