Starlettos: Never Ruin a Pair of Heels in the Grass Again

How many pairs of heels have you ruined on the field? Be it at the races, a wedding or other outdoor event, did it spoil your day out? Do you remember that awful feeling when you realised your heels were damaged? Starlettos heel protectors are the perfect solution. They stop your beautiful shoes being ruined on grass and let you concentrate on having fun.

Discreet, yet highly effective stiletto heel protectors, Starlettos do all the hard work for you. No more standing on tippy-toe worrying about dirt and scuff marks. Stop heels sinking or slipping into cracks at marquee weddings, race days, parties, festivals and other fashionable outdoor events.

Ingenious, fashionable and versatile: Starlettos heel protectors are made from strong, yet pliable materials, and the unique star-shaped design gives versatility to fit most slim heel shapes and sizes.

Stockists include: Timpson, Debenhams, Moda in Pelle, Charles Clinkard and Barrett Shoes.

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